Warmth nets: Brooklyn sees one other alternative in Miami

Brooklyn’s visit to Miami on Saturday night is part of a duel against two teams lurking behind the sixth-placed Nets in the Eastern Conference standings.

The heat went on Friday night a game behind the hornets who availed themselves with their 123-112 victory over the nets. Between that pair and the Nets are Magic and Pistons, a crowd of five trying to secure the conference’s final three playoff spots.

“You can feel it. Let’s be honest. But I’m not doing a big deal with our boys,” said Nets coach Kenny Atkinson before the game on Friday night. “I’m trying to stick to our principles and what we do and stick to improving the nets. I really want to improve on the last game and fix the things that happened. I think that is our general philosophy. But they get it. We all look at this. ” the ranking. Charlotte, you were in the playoffs. You have a lot of experience. We had really tough games with them and I have a lot of respect for that team over there. I expect another dogfight tonight. “

The Heat and Hornets had each lost seven of their last 10 by Thursday, as had the Washington Wizards. Meanwhile, the Pistons and Magic had won seven out of ten. The Nets have one more game against this Eastern Conference mix before heading west to begin their seven-game road trip – that’s against the Pistons on March 11th.

You missed an opportunity against Charlotte on Friday night. They’ll try to grab it in Miami on Saturday.

“If you want to be an 82-0 team, try to win every game,” said Spencer Dinwiddie. “Of course, when we play against certain teams like Charlotte or Miami that are right in the race, we’d be foolish to say that they don’t mean anymore, but we don’t look forward to the schedule and say.” This route means something different than any other route. But every team you directly fight with means more, of course. “


Spencer Dinwiddie played his first game since January 23, finishing 6v13 with 15 points plus five assists.

“It’s good to have a full, healthy squad now,” said Allen Crabbe. “You never want your teammates to go out with injuries so it’s good to have him back. Just bring us another weapon offensively and defensively.”


After one of their best defensive performances of the season, when San Antonio was capped at 85 points on Monday, the Nets dropped more than 120 points in two consecutive games than the Wizards and then the Hornets 68 points each in the first half.

For the last 10 games, the Nets have a defensive rating of 112.5, 20th in the NBA.

“Right now our defenses are bleeding,” said Kenny Atkinson, “and we have to stop the bleeding.”


With the return of Spencer Dinwiddie on Friday night, the Nets had a completely healthy squad at their disposal for the first time this season. With the nets successful in navigating injuries, 13 players have helped while holding down the regular rotation points this season. Twelve different networks have started at least one game.

Brooklyn’s regular rotation isn’t going to go this deep every night.

“It affects the entire squad,” Kenny Atkinson said ahead of Friday’s game. “We’re going to find out. I think the goal is to get a set line-up, set minutes. I don’t think that’s going to happen tonight, but we’ll build on that as soon as possible. Our runway isn’t that long “But Spencer, who is back, is going to affect the guys minutes up and down the list.”


The Heat are part of the crowd trying to secure one of the final Eastern Conference playoff spots but they’ve lost 10 of their last 13 and Dwyane Wade hit an unlikely summer beater on Wednesday to take down the Warriors. The Heat has the ninth best defensive rating in the league (107.8) and the fifth best rebound percentage (51.6). They are fourth in offensive rebound percentages (29.7) and sixth in second chance points (14.4). Security guard Goran Dragic recently returned from being away for two months after undergoing knee surgery and fell off the bench. He has only played 18 games this season. Josh Richardson leads Miami with 17.5 points per game, Dragic follows with 15.3 and Wade with an average of 14.3. Hassan Whiteside is ninth in the league with 12.3 rebounds per game and sixth with 2.1 blocks per game and an average of 12.9 points per game.

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