The Karina Rykman experiment on collaborating with Robert Walter and Dave Harrington in Brooklyn involves life

Karina Rykman spends her improvisation experiment Brooklyn comes alive! The badass 24 year old bassist known for her musicality and infectious energy in Marco BeneventoThe touring band has made some waves of their own in the New York music scene with her Karina Rykman experiment surfaced in several locations in the area over the past year. On September 29th, Karina will bring the experiment to the Williamsburg, Brooklyn event for a thrilling performance with several impressive guest musicians.

With the Karina Rykman Experiment, fans can expect the wild bassist to lead the way while their bandmates follow into a rich improvisation space structured with experimental tone and grooves. Rykman himself leads the indictment with the drummer Chris Corsico In doing so, you push grooves into new territory Adam November Adds a guitar loaded with effects, layer by layer.

Renowned keyboard player Robert Walter– guide from him 20th Congress, Member of Mike Gordon Band and founding member of the groundbreaking jam funk act the Greyboy Allstars–Will be on hand to add some magic as a special guest. Local multi-instrumentalist and improvisation guru Dave Harrington, an artist at large at this year’s BCA, is also slated to perform with the Karina Rykman Experiment. Harrington is a former member of Dark sidethat him and Nicholas Yearand also often plays along Joe RussoOccasionally appear occasionally as an experimental duo. Harrington blurs genres and mixes sounds in unique ways, making him one of the more exciting and unpredictable players on the scene.

The Karina Rykman experiment recently did one Joe Russo is almost dead Afterparty in New York City, with Rykman recruiting Wilco‘s Nels Cline and saxophone virtuoso Skerik as special guests. The band wowed the crowd with hours of deep and subtle improvisation, and Rykman looks forward to bringing this laid-back and focused approach to their set in Brooklyn Comes Alive.

As Karina Rykman explained to us

I’m so excited about Brooklyn Comes Alive! I love it when you can wander in and out of the clubs all day and evening and be sure that you will see some wildly unique collaborations with spectacular players who really stretch out and enter new musical territory with different people. It’s such a cool thing happening right here in my hometown and I’m honored to be a part of it this year!

To enjoy this performance, check out the full show audio of the Fast Dead Afterparty by Joe Russo of Karina Rykman’s Experiment with Nels Cline & Skerik at the Bell House in Brooklyn, New York.

Karina Rykman Experiment – The Bell House – Brooklyn, NY – 07/19/2008

[Audio: Eric McRoberts]

The fourth year Brooklyn comes alive will return to Brooklyn’s beloved Williamsburg neighborhood for a full-day music marathon on September 29th Brooklyn Bowl, Williamsburg Music Hall and Hard trade. Inspired by the vibrant music communities of Brooklyn and New Orleans, Brooklyn Comes Alive brings together 50+ artists to perform passionate projects, play with their musical heroes, and collaborate in never-before-seen formations. For more information, tickets and the full list of artists scheduled for Brooklyn Comes Alive 2018, please visit the festival’s website here.

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