The Brooklyn couple share their fatherhood journey with a foster household

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June 17, 2021, 1:18 pm

Updated on: 06/17/2021, 2:46 PM

As Father’s Day approaches, a Brooklyn couple share their journey into fatherhood through foster care.

“Liron and I, when we met, knew very early on that we wanted to be parents. So as a gay couple, you think ‘how should I start my family?'” Says Jason Knight after he and his partners Liron Prioleau has examined all options. They then decided to start the journey through foster care.

“It was a hit because there are so many. We learned that there are so many foster children who just needed a safe place, ”recalls Prioleau.

“We chose to work with the New York Foundling based on our specific research into their openness to LGBTQIA parents and their work with LGBTQIA youth,” says Knight.

Her life then changed quickly.

“With our second round it became a permanent situation and that was nice. We would have continued on the path, I think, for a while if it hadn’t ended like this, but we met our sons in 2017 when they were” a newborn and one. So we met her at the same time and it was the best day of our life and it changed our lives completely, “says Knight.

“When I go to Father’s Day, I will always have in my soul the pictures we took when the boys first came into our house,” says Prioleau.

Her family has grown since then.

“We’re still foster parents, so the boy’s biological sister is with us too, and she’s a delight,” says Prioleau.

Knight and Prioleau still remember their first Father’s Day today and love to share their story with others as she can inspire others to get involved in foster care.

“Being Father’s Day and being gay dad and all of these things together make up this beautiful floral arrangement that everyone needs time to put together, and it makes us beautiful,” says Prioleau.


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