Tchami & Malaa didn’t ship any redemption in Brooklyn

After performing in various venues prior to their New York debut, Tchami and Malaa delivered a new breed at their No Redemption show at the Brooklyn Hangar, which is located in one of NYC’s hippest boroughs for all electronic music-related events of energy. As the artists described it on their social media platforms, it was definitely a unique experience, “a spiritual thing”.

The venue itself offered a subterranean atmosphere, making it the perfect place for everything the music of future French house artists is about. Everywhere we turned there was smiles, dancing, and shuffling. Throughout the crowd one had to find fans in nuns and priestly costumes that represented Tchami’s personality, as well as those in black and face masks that tried to hide their identity, as Malaa is known to do. As the audience’s energy anticipated the artists’ performance, it spoke volumes.

It wasn’t until around 1:00 a.m. that Tchami and Malaa finally took the stage, and oh, the crowd went wild when those introductory stage lights fell on them. Before the actual music played over the speakers at the 300,000 square foot venue, fans screamed with excitement as they watched the dynamic duo go back and forth in such incredible energy for the next two hours. The show’s stage production design was similar to that of their previous shows, with Tchami on one side in an angelic, holy realm and Malaa on the dark side, where his incognito persona blends in.

The production was a completely euphonic back-to-back appearance, showing both Tchamis and Malaa’s individual tracks highlighted in the same light. We could feel the intensity of the crowd and the excitement of the artists throughout the night. Hearing Tchami’s original tracks like “Missing You”, “Promesses”, “Go Deep” ft. Janet Jackson and Marshall Jefferson’s “Move Your Body” tribute explosion through the venue speakers caused some nostalgia as these were the tunes, which were made by Tchami the highly acclaimed producer he is today.

Throughout the night, Malaa’s productions were intertwined with Tchami’s music in the most harmonious way. His introduction included his famous “Illicit Intro” verse and his top tracks like “Notorious”, “Pregnant” and “Bylina” completely electrified the audience’s stamina and turned the bass up more than one notch. Not to mention that every time the duo produced one of their most recent song collaborations, such as “The Sermon” and “Summer 99”, the crowd lit up like they weren’t in the mood already.

From start to finish, both Tchami and Malaa outweighed our expectations and made for an unforgettable music production. The start of their NYC No Redemption tour with “Afterlife” was the perfect way to induce the spiritual house vibes that Tchami and Malaa always successfully deliver, and to give them a deep house remix of “World To Me” finish that the crowd coveted more. Delivering future underground house sounds in an underground warehouse has never looked or sounded so tactful. What a way to show that sometimes two are actually better than one.

Photos: RPM

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