Tchami & Malaa are able to take over Brooklyn this Friday [Event Preview]


This coming Friday, December 1st, is a day that I’ve recorded on my calendar for the past few months. Two of my favorite artists Tchami & Malaa take over the Brooklyn Hangar for their “No Redemption” tour in Brooklyn, New York.

The Brooklyn Hangar was certainly the best choice in town due to the acquisition of this power plant. The ‘No Redemption’ tour brings a twist to your normal B2B set. Tchami & Malaa will be on stage TOGETHER, but will not share 1 deck. These two house music masters will have their own decks, but will still “spin” together. I saw a couple of clips from their show in Los Angeles and I want to tell you that it looks AMAZING.

Tchami describes the collaboration between the two artists: “We each have our own specific sound. Malaa’s music embraces the early street mood of house music from the origins of Chicago and Detroit. My sound shows another side of the genre: positive, spiritual. ”


Check out some tweets from Tchami & Malaa that show some of the madness that is about to happen on Friday!

@iamTchami tonight was absolutely amazing This had to be the coolest stage setup I’ve ever seen too

– Hunty (@HunterSpadaro) November 25, 2017

Last night was phenomenal MERCI MONTRÉAL

– TCHAMI (@iamTchami) November 26, 2017

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Toronto was absolutely legendary !!! Grateful for the #NoRedemptionTour last night

– TCHAMI (@iamTchami) November 25, 2017

You can hear my screams of excitement in the background, thank you for dropping Hostyl. Last night was so groovy. @Malaamusic @iamTchami

– Deposit (@baileyvonb) November 25, 2017

It’s a spiritual thing. The church. The streets. Together as one. @iamTchami @Malaamusic Thanks for destroying Toronto

– ionyx (@ Metroid11) November 25, 2017

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