Reside from Apple’s Brooklyn Academy of Music occasion – 24/7 Wall Road


October 30, 2018, 10:05 a.m.

Last updated: January 11, 2020, 3:39 pm

Apple comes to BAM.

Latest posts above. All times east.

9:58 T minus 2. My backpack has lost its seat. The lights are getting darker. Jazzy light show on the screen.

9:45 AM 15 minutes left, suggest finding the livestream if you haven’t already. I will assume that you will be watching with me and will try to limit my remarks to commentary, context and, if necessary, a pinch of snark.

9:30 am mezzanine media embargo. Back down. After a few more badge exams, I’m inside. Looks like a full house. Climbing over rucksacks a lot, fishing for strength in the dark under the seats.

9:15 am The lobby is a madhouse. I go to the mezzanine.

8:50 you opened the doors. The reporters come in, probably just to hang out in the lobby. But I have FOMO. There’s more to come.

7:45 am Random observation: The ratio of police vehicles to satellite trucks is 21: 2, the highest that I have seen at an Apple event. Apple PR czar Steve Dowling, who previously covered Apple for CNBC, says it’s mostly digital and fiber optics since leaving.

7:30 am here, checked in, and having a free breakfast burrito at a restaurant across the street. A little bird tells me there might be a post-keynote event at One Hanson Place, the Roaring Twenties skyscraper that was the tallest building in the district for decades. Manhattanites know it as the dental building because of all of its dental offices.

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