Properties evacuated after water pipe burst in Brooklyn

News 12 employees

06/02/2021, 5:43 pm EDT

Updated on:06/02/2021, 5:43 pm EDT

The FDNY says homes in a Brooklyn neighborhood were evacuated Wednesday due to a water disruption.

Homes along Fourth Avenue have been evacuated due to water in the basements and the electricity has been turned off, the FDNY says.

The FDNY says it started around 10 a.m., but residents say it started earlier around 9 a.m.

The FDNY says the sidewalk is damaged and potentially dangerous.

At least five buildings were evacuated down to the basement due to flooding. News 12 spoke to the landlord of one of the buildings and a man who lives around the corner, and they both say there was work going on the Tuesday and Wednesday morning before the incident.

The Department of Environmental Protection says a contractor who operates a drill hit the main line and caused the leak.

The costs should be billed to those responsible. They ask people in the area not to drink discolored water from their taps because of the incident.

They also say there may be road closures for several days. They say there are still repairs that need to be done.

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