Pasta thieves clear up the Brooklyn Eatery Christmas stash

BROOKLYN, NY – This is supposed to be pasta too.

A restaurant in Brooklyn is back to work after an unusual pre-Christmas robbery clears its supplies of pasta.

The thieves made their way to Borsalia – which recently opened on Grand Avenue in Williamsburg – sometime between 11 p.m. on December 23 and the morning of Christmas Eve by breaking the lock on a hatch on the sidewalk and making a hole in it Wall bored that separated the entrance from the kitchen, restaurant staff said.

Once inside, the thieves cleared the restaurant of all 15 pounds of pasta made the day before by the cafe’s chefs in anticipation of a Christmas rush of customers.

Staff who showed up at the restaurant the next day said the break-in was so bizarre that at first they didn’t even notice what had been stolen.

“We went downstairs and found this big hole in the wall … but everything in the restaurant was perfect,” manager Cristiano Rossi told Patch, saying that apart from the pasta, apparently only about $ 40 was tipped from a tip jar. “When the police came, we went into the kitchen and opened the pasta store – it was empty.”

Police at the 90th Precinct took fingerprints in the kitchen and collected camera footage from nearby businesses, but no news on the case since then, Rossi said.

Borsalia has not had time to set up its own camera system since it opened a month ago, he added.

The pasta included ravioli, cappelletti, tagliatelle, and gnocchi, Rossi said.

He still doesn’t know exactly why the thieves tried so hard for the coal load.

“My answer to that is that our pasta is in high demand and of the highest value,” he said.

The raid left Borsalia’s chefs working day and night over Christmas to replace the pasta supplies, the restaurant said. The restaurant reopened on December 26th.

Update: An earlier version of this story said the robbery happened on Christmas Eve, actually between 11 p.m. December 23 and the morning of December 24, staff said.

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