Open Up 200 @ Brooklyn Warehouse | Occasion Overview

Photo Credit: Juan Rios

Simon Patterson and John Askew have been around the trance scene for a combined 30+ years. Anyone who’s a fan of the darker, grittier, more underground sounds and is not familiar with them at this point is probably living under a rock. Since entering the scene, both artists have changed and evolved not only as producers but also as DJs. However, throughout their entire careers, there has been one constant, both have taken their fans on unforgettable musical experiences!

Simon took the industry by storm in the later part of the 2000s by producing high-octane, yet very melodic tech-trance. His tracks have become classics that DJs spin to this day and that fans yearn to hear in clubs. However, it wasn’t until the introduction of the Open Up concept four years ago that he finally made it big as a DJ. While I’ll go into the details of how I see his Open Up brand in more detail later in the review, the gist is very simple: blow up all genre limitations and play whatever feels right at the moment. In theory, this creates unique shows that give you a lasting memory if you’re in the right frame of mind.

However, before jumping into the set analysis, I would like to touch upon other elements in any music show. Mainly, the crowd, the venue, and the audio/visual production quality on display. (Digitally Imported Radio)

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