NYCHA Black Rally places Black Lives Motion on the coronary heart of the Kingsborough Homes Brooklyn occasion on July 26th

NEW YORK, 23rd July 2020 / PRNewswire / – NYCHA Black Rally organizers today announced their official March + rally Sunday 26th July 2020 from 12 p.m. AND It’s 5 p.m. AND. The event begins at the Kingsborough Houses at the African Mural, 2nd Walk in Brooklyn, New York 111233. Event attendees can take the A, C, 3, or 4 trains to Utica Avenue and Bergen / Pacific St. between Buffalo and Rochester Streets.

The purpose of the rally is to effectively raise concerns and calls to action for three claims:

1. Immediate Maximum Funding for NYCHA

NYCHA Black Rally – July 26, 2020 Kingsbridge Houses March + Rally

2. End gun violence by addressing the root causes

3. Defuse the NYPD

The NYCHA Black Rally demands that New York City, New York StateTogether with the federal government, all activities and living conditions and repairs for the tenants of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) will be stopped and healthy and sustainable living conditions will be funded immediately. NYCHA is and has always been a community of mostly low-income black residents and families, which is seen as a cause of delays in providing much-needed products. The event includes additional calls to action and hopes to raise awareness and call for communities across NYC to come together to end gun violence. This is a point of contention where the causes of such violence are consistently ignored and glossed over by government officials in the black community. The third demand of the event is one that has been noisy lately. The NYCHA Black Rally demands that the NYPD continue to be defused and that the NYPD take drastic measures to ensure changes that will result in the true security and protection of the NYPD New York City Black communities.

The speakers at the event include:

  • Jamell Henderson – Organizer of House of Henderson
  • Hakeem Jeffries – 8th District Congressman
  • NYCHA students + NYCHA residents
  • Alicka Ampry-Samuel – 41st District Councilor and NYCHA Committee Chair and NYC Council member
  • Jabari Brisport, Elected Senator of the 25th Ward
  • Khaleel Anderson – Elected MP for the 31st district

“The residents of NYCHA are real people. Like me. There is a gross misconception that the residents are ghetto, uneducated gangbangers, when in reality the rent in NYC is too high for many to meet their basic needs without moving into low-income apartments This is not an uncommon cry. This is not a new problem. The fact that NYCHA is predominantly black and must be ignored is another symptom of the systematic oppression that black people experience on a daily basis. ” States Jamell Henderson – Creator and Chief Organizer of the Black NYCHA Rally. We demand that our residents must be met, that weapons reform be carried out to ensure the safety of our communities and our youth. We also continually call for the NYPD to be deprived of funding, which has proven to be effective not in policing black communities or responding to our needs as public servants, but as tyrants and tormentors. “

Other event organizers and supporters include NYCC, Housing Justice Coalition, Black Lives Strategies, The Black Code Revolution, Voices of Black Powher, Walk Away Sis Podcast, The United Mexicans of America, Mic Check Collective, New York Civilian Defense, and Black Lives Matter Brooklyn.

For more information on the Black NYCHA Rally, please email [email protected]

Media contact:
Monique Tatum
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