Neurocritical Care Specialist leads the superior stroke and neurology program at NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn

“We have an excellent team of dedicated neurologists, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation specialists and other health care professionals,” says Lord. “Together with our colleagues and the tremendous resources available at NYU Langone Health, our patients have the full benefit of world-class neurological care close to where they live.”

Lord, an assistant professor of neurology and neurosurgery at the NYU School of Medicine, received his medical degree from Columbia University College for Physicians and Surgeonswhere he was trained in neurology and neurocritical care. He also holds a master’s degree in clinical investigation from the NYU School of Medicine with a special interest in intracerebral hemorrhage, one of the deadliest types of stroke. He is currently conducting a study of the role of the brain in cases of infection in patients recovering from a stroke.

“I’ve always been interested in how things work,” he says. “I tried to become a neurologist because there is no more complex part of the body to examine than the brain,” he says.

Lord chose his medical internship at NYU School of Medicine because “it provided unparalleled postgraduate education,” he says. “It has been an opportunity to work with patients in both private and public hospitals and from all walks of life. It has also exposed me to a wide variety of simple and complex ailments.”

The variety and complexity of Brooklyn Population offers similar opportunities. “I look forward to hiring more specialists and expanding the variety and depth of neurological diagnostic and treatment services,” says Lord.

For more information about the Stroke and Neurovascular Disease Center and other neurological services at NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn, visit the following websites: and https: / /

SOURCE NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn

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