Lots of collect underneath the bridge in Brooklyn for ‘Secret Rave’

TO UPDATE: In a statement shared with Pitchfork, Pictureplane, one of the DJs who performed at the rave, admitted that he “wasn’t worth the risk”. The DJ / producer (real name Travis Egedy) said he had reservations about the performance with the organizers, but was certain that “it would be very safe and that masks, disinfectants and water would be provided to all participants” . He continued, “I was quite surprised by the crowd. And of course everyone just crowded around the sound system. It felt amazing to DJ after basically being alone in my house for 6 months! And I am sure that many people felt the same way there. But I don’t think it was worth the risk to look back now. I will definitely not go to events like this again while COVID is still going on. And I really hope that nobody gets sick after this event. “

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Hundreds of people gathered under the Kosciuszko Bridge in Brooklyn for a “secret rave” on Saturday, August 1st. Videos on social media show wearing masks – but with minimal social distancing.

The event began late Saturday evening, according to Gothamist, and was broken up by police around 4 a.m. on Sunday morning, August 2nd. The event took place in a small park under the Kosciuszko Bridge, which connects Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Long Island City, Queens. Sets by Pictureplane and DJ Mazurbate were reportedly shown.

The party was organized by a group called Renegade, who previously hosted a similar event in the same location on July 4th. This event was billed as the Black Lives Matter party, and according to Guest of a Guest, this weekend’s rave was initially branded similarly, although it was later touted as a fundraiser for the Legal Aid Society.

An anonymous organizer of the event defended them against Gothamist, despite acknowledging that more could be done to enforce security measures.

“If you think people will not gather, you are a fool – it cannot be stopped,” said the organizer. “The event got out of hand because people wanted to come, people wanted to be out. People have been locked up for so long. The pressure is increasing and people need a release. It’s already happening. We can make it safer or pretend it isn’t happening. “

Precautions Renegade took included filling a table with free water, masks, and hand sanitizer, as well as plastering signs on the construction site asking people to wear masks. Overall, the organizer estimated that 70 to 80 percent of the participants wore masks.

The Renegade rave came a week after a Chainsmokers concert in the Hamptons that drew the wrath of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and senior health officials. Speaking during a press conference on Monday about the Brooklyn event over the weekend, Cuomo said, “It’s disrespectful. It’s illegal … It’s against common decency. Look at all of the people you have endangered. What if one of the people gets sick and dies? … We need better enforcement across the state. “

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