Farmers Market on Wheels brings recent produce to Brooklyn Meals Deserts

Brooklyn District President Eric L. Adams and The Campaign Against Hunger, along with Councilor Alicka Ampry-Samuels, presented the Fresh Vibes Mobile Market on Wednesday, a retrofitted RV that combines affordable product, cooking and nutrition workshops with social services caters to underserved neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

The initiative began at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in East Flatbush, a community facing some of the highest food insecurities in Brooklyn.

“Hippocrates said,” Let food be your medicine, “said Adams.” The Fresh Vibes Market is a vehicle for change, a new approach to tackling diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and other chronic diseases that can be prevented by diet changes and reversible. This RV will help us navigate the Brooklynites in need through the challenges of accessing some of the basic services that are just within reach. “

Brooklyn City President Eric Adams announced on Wednesday at the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. Photo credit: Brooklyn Borough Office Eric Adams.

The mobile unit will make three stops a day five days a week to offer below-market products that are locally grown by TCAH. In addition, performance programs such as Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) are accepted. Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) and Women, Infants and Children (WIC).

Equipped with a stovetop and cooling system, storage bins, a classroom and an access area for social benefits, the mobile home will be manned by a cook educator, an outreach agent and a SNAP specialist to offer cooking demonstrations and workshops as well as SNAP demonstrations. Referral services and even fitness classes.

The Fresh Vibes Market caters to the most underserved Brooklyn citizens, including the elderly, new mothers, children, students, NYCHA residents, and undocumented immigrants. This enables TCAH to further expand its mission to improve access to healthy food in areas with high demand.

(Lr 🙂 Councilor Ampry-Samuel, BP Adams and TCAH Executive Director Dr. Samuels aboard the RV Fresh Vibes Market. Photo credit: CM Ampry-Samuel / Twitter.

“The primary mission of TCAH is to empower our neighbors to lead healthier, more productive and self-sufficient lives by improving their access to nutritious foods and related resources,” said Dr. Samuels, founder and CEO of TCAH. “Unlike other emergency feeding programs, our primary goal for this vehicle is to increase fresh fruit and vegetable consumption by encouraging families to adopt healthier eating habits and implement measures that can reduce the incidence of chronic disease.”

The launch of the cellular market also marks the start of numerous outreach campaigns developed by TCAH in partnership with the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center to remove barriers to access to food and social services in the community, officials said.

“We know that improving access to healthy food and the necessary social services is key to overall health,” said Enid Dillard, director of marketing and public affairs at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. “We look forward to building this partnership and impacting the lives of people who are food unsafe in our communities.”


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