Escape to Outdated Havana at a Hemingway-themed bash in Brooklyn

The air was hot. The cigars were strong. Music sizzled in the air like a fish roasting on an open flame.

Sorry, I made my best impression of Ernest Hemingway to describe what’s in store at Freehold’s upcoming Hemingway Day Party (lol). In honor of the legendary author’s 120th birthday on July 21, the Williamsburg hotspot in Old Havana, Cuba, Hemingway’s beloved haven in later life, and the land that inspired his Nobel Prize-winning novel, The Old Man and Sea.

The event is held annually and features cigar rolling, salsa dancing, live music, and charity casino games that benefit the local Los Sures Community Center. Indulge in Cuban cuisine and cocktails from Bacardi, and experience your own summer story as colorful as the Cuban city – and the life of Hemingway. Typewriter not required.

Freehold, Sunday, July 21, 3pm to 2am; to participate, please email [email protected]

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