Drip espresso machines in Brooklyn, NY

We celebrate the thrill of construction all summer. Big or small, we love them all. And they’re not getting much smaller than today’s drip coffee machines in Brooklyn, New York. In a fast-paced city, Nigel Price offers residents of the Big Apple the opportunity to slow down with his brand new coffee cart and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Drip is the counterpoint, surrounded by what Price calls the “flood of takeaway cafes”. With a Mahlkönig EK43S and a variety of lesser-known pouring devices, Drip is the solar-powered slow-pour cart that most recently served Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Right now, Price offers some of the slow living at NYC farmers markets and corporate events. So keep an eye out for Drip Coffee Roasters. When you see them, sneak up on them and see what they are brewing that day. And take it easy.

The build-outs of summer 2019 will be presented by Pacific Barista Series, notNeutral, KeepCup and Mill City Roasters.

As Sprudge tells of Nigel Price.

Filter coffee machines Brooklyn New York

For those who are unfamiliar, tell us about your company?

An overflowing coffee cart that serves a changing selection of the best types of coffee from the best roasters in the country.

How do you deal with coffee?

“Slow down and have a coffee.” Or “quality over quantity”.

There is a deluge of quick take away cafes. Our goal is to restore the traditional role of coffee houses.

Any machines, coffees and special equipment in a row?

Kinto, Kurasu, and other lesser-known pour designers rooted in Japanese traditions.

How does your project view sustainability?

The cart is powered by solar panels (Yeti / Target Zero) and all cups and paper products are composted. No loss!

Filter coffee machines Brooklyn New York

What is your hopeful opening date / month?

He currently works at farmers markets and corporate events in NYC.

Many Thanks!


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18th July 2019

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