DOB crews assess the steadiness of the Brooklyn constructing hit by the MTA bus

News 12 employees

6/8/2021, 5:42 PM EDT

Updated on:6/8/2021, 5:42 PM EDT

Crews from the Department of Buildings were working Tuesday to assess the stability of a building in Brooklyn after an MTA bus plowed into it.

Authorities said the bus drove to the apartment building in Prospect Lefferts Gardens on Lincoln Road at around 2 p.m. on Monday.

Officials say 16 people were injured, including 13 who had to be hospitalized.

According to the MTA, the 55-year-old driver has been in service for 13 years and has a reliable driving record.

The crews put up a wooden barrier around the property on Tuesday until the bus could be safely removed.

Local residents say there is a doctor’s office in the lower part of the building, but it was closed at the time of the crash.

Caroline Pettie, who has lived in the area for around 30 years, says she saw cars drive through the fence across the church.

Pettie says she saw the bus go down Bedford Avenue and it wasn’t going too fast or doing anything worrying. She believes the accident happened because he was trying to avoid serious injury or death.

“He was trying to dodge everyone so he dodged and rushed here, I think to save the passengers because there were people on that bus,” she says.

The people who live in the building are temporarily housed until the building is safe again.

A neighbor visiting the doctor’s office in the building told News 12 that patients have been told they are working on finding another practice for the time being.

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