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Dancehall entertainer Dexta Daps gave two overcrowded concerts in Brooklyn and New Jersey this weekend. In the videos posted by Daps and promoter Steelie Bashment, it was a packed venue for both days.

Dexta Daps appears to have stripped his Instagram of the flyer and much of the event’s promotional material, but this was well documented in an article in the New York Post. According to the article, the location for the Brooklyn event was unknown, but it managed to attract hundreds of people. The article says, “Footage Shared on Instagram on Saturday night, the Jamaican entertainer shows up on stage how he crammed hundreds of fans together in an unfamiliar outdoor location. “

The article also mentioned that Dexta Daps was promoting the event on its site. The article says: “Daps also advertised the gig – which sold tickets from $ 50 – on its own Instagram page.“NYC, it’s been a long time,” he said wrote. “September 26th + 27th I’m back on stage.”

Additionally, the entertainer failed to follow the state-set COVID-19 protocols. The article said, “under The state’s COVID-19 guidelines allow activities related to outdoor entertainment to be resumed only with 33% capacity and six feet between people. “Also, the crowd didn’t seem to be wearing masks.

Dexta Daps then gave a concert in New Jersey on Sunday at 2 p.m. There were 1,500 people at the venue, according to Steelie Bashment on his Instagram stories and a video that has now been deleted. There are also videos of Dexta Daps promoting its event in the history of Steelie Bashment. In the story, Dexta Daps starts singing, then stops and says, “Who’s ready for the song, yah? New Jersey, you bet take a look, the 27th don’t diss me, I’ll be there. It is real. Steelie Bashment dah one yah shot ”.

There have been many disapproving comments underneath the now-deleted video showing moments from the Sunday show. However, the New York article contained some of the comments from promotional material posted on Steelie Bashment’s page about the Saturday night show.

“No mask, what happens [sic] to social distance have mercy on your soul “and”I will never attend any of these events because they are organizers [are about] them and their money. We have to protect ourselves. “The two comments were highlighted.

This doesn’t seem to get Dexta Daps on stage, as he posted on his Instagram that he will be in Atlanta for a concert on October 11th.

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