Cyber ​​assault hits downtown Brooklyn NYC authorized division places

The New York Legal Department’s Brooklyn Family Court Intake Unit at 320-330 Jay St. (same building as the family court itself). Eagle file photo by Rob Abruzzese

The New York City Legal Department was hit by a cyber attack that forced officials to take the 1,000 lawyer agency offline, but Mayor Bill de Blasio said he believed the hack did not compromise any data.

“To date, we have not seen any compromised information or ransom demands,” said the Democratic mayor at a virtual press conference on Tuesday, adding that the investigation is “developing”.

City officials said they disconnected the legal department’s computers from the city’s network on Sunday after discovering the cyber attack.

“As the investigation continues, the city has taken additional steps to maintain security, including restricting access to the legal department’s network at this point,” de Blasio spokeswoman Laura Feyer said in a statement.

Geoff Brown, the city’s chief information security officer, who joined de Blasio at Tuesday’s briefing, said the attack was “not a ransom situation” but declined to discuss possible motives.

“We expect the legal department’s IT environment to be restored immediately and securely so the legal department can get back to working for New Yorkers,” he said.

John Miller, assistant police commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism, said the good news is that the hacker detection system is working.

“As soon as there was suspicious activity ringing between the cyber command and its contractors who were patrolling these systems looking for anomalies,” Miller said. He said the investigation was “just beginning the forensic work”.


Cyberattacks against government agencies and private companies have become an increasing threat, including last month’s ransomware attack on the Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline that resulted in widespread gasoline shortages.

“I think people should realize that this is something that will be with us for a long time,” said de Blasio. “And we will have to do a lot to focus on that and protect ourselves all the time.”

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