Coronavirus New York Metropolis: Group serving stir fry meals on wheels for seniors in Brooklyn

BROOKLYN (WABC) – It’s a “hello” from afar and a bag of warm food at the gate.

It’s what Don Lee calls Stir Fry Meals on Wheels.

“Homecrest is about serving seniors in need,” said Lee.

Usually the seniors meet for friendship, conviviality and a warm lunch.

But when the city closed community centers on Monday, that lifeline also closed for underserved Asian Americans in Brooklyn.

“A lot of them are scared of how they should be,” said Lee.

Lee is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Homecrest Community Services, and he knows that not only are its members fearful, but also isolated and at risk.

But now at least they get this hot meal and the Chinese restaurant that serves their lunch in the center continues to do so.

“When we got that call at the restaurant, they said, ‘Thank god you just threw me a lifeline, we’re going to stay open as long as possible,'” Lee said.

Every day, a small brigade of volunteers across Brooklyn delivers about 200 hot meals that are being prepared in the new Bay Parkway Café.

“How are the reactions when you hand in the food?” Eyewitness News asked.

“Oh, it’s so heartwarming, really heartwarming,” said Lee. “Warms our hearts that we are doing the right thing.”

Recipients will also receive a fresh orange, which is great for the immune system, and a newspaper to make them feel connected.
Some people even baked items for Lee and the drivers, which makes it a win for everyone involved.


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