Clinton Brooklyn occasion attracts political consideration

Hillary Rodham Clinton visited an early childhood development center in New York City on Wednesday and performed with the city’s first lady to launch a public awareness campaign, Talk to Your Baby.

But for many political reporters in the room, the background of the event served as a story.

That’s because Clinton showed up in Brooklyn, just five and a half miles from the alleged location of the headquarters of their not-yet-fully-announced presidential campaign.

Reporters and photographers filled a small room at the SCO / FirstStepNYC and confused the staff at the humble education center in Brownsville. Although the tightly controlled event left no questions asked, Clinton paused to answer a question about whether she would soon be returning to Brooklyn for more political purposes.

“All in good time, all in good time,” she said with a smile. “I was happy to be here at this exemplary center and to see the work of the first lady and the mayor for our children.”

The former Secretary of State, First Lady and New York Senator is expected to announce her bid for the Democratic nomination in the coming weeks. She has close ties to Chirlane McCray and her husband, Mayor Bill de Blasio, who administered her Senate application in 2000 and called them her “good friends.”

De Blasio, a Liberal, is expected to be a campaign substitute for Clinton, providing her protection on her left flank, where she faced attacks by Barack Obama in 2008.

But Clinton’s focus that day was parenting. She extolled the developmental benefits of having parents speak to them constantly and the Clinton Foundation’s Too Small to Fail early childhood education program.

“You are literally building your baby’s brain to better prepare the little boy or girl to be good in school and in life,” Clinton said during a panel discussion with McCray and his parents. “In this way, your child learns words from every experience, develops a vocabulary and can thus better prepare them for school.”

While visiting a classroom, Clinton and McCray read the children’s book “Brown Bear”.

“Oh, that’s one of my favorite stories!” exclaimed Clinton with a big smile.

McCray immediately dropped onto the carpet and hugged a child. Clinton was given a small chair – intended for a child – and sat in the middle of the group and showed the unsuspecting toddlers the various animals in the book.

As the book finished, McCray pulled a chair next to Clinton and they both clapped as the book finished.

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