Brooklyn’s “Little Haiti” pays homage with a neighborhood prayer vigil

Supporters of slain Haitian President Jovenel Moise are prevented from attending Moise’s funeral outside the home of the former leader’s family as they seek justice in Cap-Haitien, Haiti on Friday, July 23, 2021. Moise was murdered in his home in Port-au-Prince on July 7th AP Photo / Matias Delacroix

This Sunday afternoon took place on Newkirk Avenue between Nostrand Avenue and East 29. held a prayer vigil for HaitiNS Street, sponsored by Little Haiti BK, the Mayor’s Office, Haitian-American community organizations, and the National Action Network.

The people of Haiti faced political instability, food insecurity and civil unrest following the assassination of the country’s president, Jovenel Moise, on July 7th.

Elected officials, including Brooklyn District President Eric Adams, and representatives of well-known Hatian-American community organizations, including Little Haiti BK, Inc., the Haitian-American Law Enforcement Fraternal Organization, and more, appeared in support of the people of Haiti and the New York Haitian -American Community.

“We grieve with our Haitian community over the tragic events that have taken place in Haiti in recent weeks. Our Haitian community is immeasurably contributing to our shared social, economic, and civic life in Brooklyn and beyond, and it is vital that we show solidarity with them during this difficult time, ”said District President Eric Adams.

“The people of Haiti need our prayers and support during this difficult time,” said Jackson Rockingster, chairman of Little Haiti BK and president of the Haitian American Business Network (HABNET). “In Little Haiti, Brooklyn, the atmosphere is tense with fear for our loved ones abroad. Everyone here knows someone in Haiti who is struggling through these turbulent times. “

“As important workers, we know the struggles that the people of Haiti are facing,” said Dr. Kelynne J. Oristel, President of the Haitian American Nurses Alliance (HANA). “Many of our members lived, worked or were trained as medical professionals in Haiti. After the devastating earthquake in 2010, the people of Haiti have relied on our support. Unfortunately, the need continues. ”

Sherbune Paul, Esq, President of the Haitian American Lawyers Association of New York, emphasized the need for the community to come together, saying, “Our Haitian-American community in New York has a common goal: to see peace and unity in Haiti. We all share a cultural background and have friends, relatives and loved ones living abroad, and we all want peace in the country. ”

“In times of struggle, we must all support one another. The National Action Network stands in solidarity with the Haitian-American community at this turbulent time because none of us can thrive until everyone can. We are holding this vigil to stand by our Haitian-American brothers and sisters, to shed light on this scourge in Haiti and to encourage other communities to get involved in this time of crisis, ”said Rev. Al Sharpton, Founder of the National Action Network.


“The Pray for Haiti vigil encourages the community to come together. As Scripture tells us: ‘Seek full restoration, encourage one another, agree, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you. ‘” Rev. Dr. Samuel Nicolas, president of the Haitian Clergy Association, said.

Little Haiti Bk, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to benefit from the benefit of the academic, civic, commercial, health, religious, and other socio-cultural facilities of people of Haitian descent within its borders present and celebrate. by Little Haiti Bk.

Little Haiti was designated a cultural and business district by the NYC Council in 2018. Little Haiti spans East 16th Street to Brooklyn Avenue and Parkside Avenue to Avenue H.

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