Brooklyn Meals Coop staff flew to Paris for a penny

Two Park Slope Food Coop employees took a week-long trip to Paris during their work hours – and some members of the hipster product collective are more steamed than a pot of organic broccoli.

Co-op administrators Joe Holtz and Ann Herpel, who each rake in more than $ 90,000 a year to help run the Brooklyn Bio Pit Center, flew to the City of Light in early November for the facility to help a similar institution, said staff and members.

And they outraged some Park Slope members when they gave a PowerPoint presentation at a general co-op meeting last week – complete with “what vacation photos were actually,” according to one member who refused to be named out of fear of retaliation from the leadership .

The slideshow, which was viewed by around 300 people, included photos of French food and grocery shopping trips.

“You have to be kidding me,” the member railed. “First they waste our money on their vacation, then they waste our Tuesday night in glee. It’s more than unpleasant. “

Another disgruntled co-op member, Daphne Bianco, added of the excursion, “I don’t think that’s fair. The trip doesn’t really affect Brooklyn. “

Holtz and Herpel also took taxis to JFK Airport and back, according to members – trips that cost a total of $ 80 – to the cooperative’s cent.

Herpel defended the excursion to the Post on Sunday, saying the Paris cooperative in that city’s 18th arrondissement had paid for their flight and placed them in a private home.

“We think there’s a great thing going on here, and we think it’s wonderful. Why shouldn’t we help? ”She said.

She added: “We regularly report on what we are doing to help other cooperatives. When I’m done [the presentation] Tuesday people clapped. “

Established in 1973, Park Slope has built a reputation for frequent product boycotts and strict rules that require members to show up for shift work.

According to reports, some well-heeled members have circumvented the rule of paying their time for a reasonable price by paying their nannies to do it.

Telephone messages that Holtz had left under the numbers assigned to him were not returned.

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