Brooklyn Library Affords Library Badge Honoring Black Individuals

News 12 employees

6/9/2021, 8:14 PM EDT

Updated on:6/9/2021, 8:14 PM EDT

Juneteenth is nearly two weeks away, but a Bed Stuy library has got a head start by issuing their special edition library card, which focuses on black culture.

The artwork by Jneyde Williams was unveiled at the Macon Library branch and will soon be featured on thousands of library cards across Brooklyn.

The design was chosen from hundreds and celebrates black history. It is approaching the first time New York City officially recognizes Juneteenth as a public holiday.

“The reaction of young blacks and browns like wow, this is the first vacation and I have to deal with people who look like me. I’m just speechless,” said Williams.

The art combines inspiration from the 1986 Memphis civil rights protests with prominent historical features such as Jackie Robinson and Shirley Chisolm. But it also adds a bit of the 21 year old’s life.

“I wanted to add the New York culture, there were people screaming and dancing,” Williams said.

Another reason the library card was revealed is to not only draw attention to the branch that has been in existence for over a century, but also to the newly renovated African American Center – a room dedicated to the literature of black artists.

The Black American Heritage Cards will be available in all Brooklyn public libraries on June 21st.

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