Brooklyn Household searches for lacking turtle

The Torres family lives in Bay Ridge with their African leopard turtle Doris, which they have owned for 22 years. She was roaming the back yard last Wednesday when she managed to exit through a forgotten open gate. Since that day, the family has been making flyers, creating a Facebook page, and reaching out to everyone they know to find them. She says she has been part of the family for so long that they cannot imagine life without her.

“She is literally part of the family. How older than our children who are with us. And she could be with us for another 20 to 40 years. I think it has been cut. I really hope we can spend another 20 years together can “said Laura Torres.

Anyone spotting a turtle in the neighborhood is encouraged to email [email protected] They ask anyone who finds her to either pick her up by her clam and put it in a box or simply wait with her until the family can come to pick her up. They say that as soon as they get a message they will run … and offer a reward for their safe return.

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