Apple Occasion in downtown Brooklyn brings theater to retail

Almost a year after opening the retail store in downtown Brooklyn, Apple temporarily expanded its presence in New York by taking over the Howard Gilman Opera House across the street in preparation for the launch of new products for the vacation – via the newly released iPhones from 2018 and Apple Watch Series 4.

Less than a year later, the store is uniquely hosting a major Apple event – one where the company is showing off new hardware for the first time since Macworld Expo 2002 at an event on the east coast. This fair was the last outside of San Francisco to host a keynote by Steve Jobs; The entire era of Apple headlining trade shows only continued until 2009.

For the past decade, Apple has itself selected venues to host strictly managed media events, including the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, where the company showcased its latest iPhones and new Series 4 watches. For years, Apple showcased its new iPod and iPad models at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, a venue near its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

This spring, however, Apple took the unusual step of inviting the press to a school in Chicago, Illinois to showcase its new Apple Pencil-compatible iPad and educational software at an event called “Field Trip.” The Brooklyn event, scheduled for October 30, continues this expansion of launches outside of California.

Media invitation to the event on October 30th.

The company may have picked New York as its newest venue to draw attention to the design industry – a theme that appears to be featured in the unique invitations to media outlets, possibly drawn by Apple Pencil. as well as the artwork featured on the company’s website for special occasions and the matching abstract figures painted on the venue itself.

In fact, Apple not only colorfully wrapped the dramatic windows in front of the Howard Gilman Opera House (part of the Brooklyn Academy of Music), they even painted matching designs on the bricks of the side wall that faces the street the theater shares with the new Apple Opposite store. The colors of the design are also reflected in the Apple logo, which hangs over the downtown Brooklyn store, effectively pulling it all together.

Evidence of Apple’s presence can also be seen in the Atlantic Terminal, a major S-Bahn and U-Bahn station across the street. Anyone arriving by train will not be able to miss all of the billboards announcing Apple’s latest “Behind the Mac” campaign, which features various creative-looking people working on a traditional notebook in professional settings.

Apple Event Brooklyn

Below the event: “Behind the Mac”

There appears to be no promotion for the iPad, although the event is expected to showcase both new iPad Pro and new MacBook models, as well as possibly other new hardware like AirPods, the noticeable lack of Air Power charging mat, and possibly new software as Good.

Thematic use of design, emphasis on Macs as tools for professionals, and positioning of iPad and iPad Pro models as Apple’s affordable, easy-to-use, and highly mobile answer to PCs and netbooks, could help explain why Apple is saving no Cost of hosting two major events on both sides of the US within a few weeks. iPhone and Apple Watch belong together as two devices that are carried on your person, while Macs and iPads appeal to different types of users at work or in training.

What they all have in common is that Apple uses its global retail chain to sell and support them. This appears to be able to place the event across from a recently opened landmark store, which may be something of a tribute to the Jobs-era Apple keynotes taking place in downtown San Francisco near one of the first flagship retail locations of the company and give the participants the opportunity to buy the newly released equipment.

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