Apple is anticipated to announce new Macs and iPads on the Brooklyn Occasion on October 30, 2018

Photo by Apple

“More is in the pipeline,” says Apple’s cryptic (and customized – look at them all!) Invitation to media companies and announces an event in Brooklyn on October 30, 2018. If you didn’t receive a custom invitation, don’t worry Apple will stream it for the rest of us.

Apple just released new models of the iPhone and Apple Watch, and updated the MacBook Pro range in July. What could Tim Cook and his company reveal at this event?

  • iPad: It’s been over a year since we saw a new iPad Pro (see “Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro Aims the Sweet Spot,” August 10, 2017) and over 6 months since the last non-Pro -iPad (See “Apple Release 6th Generation 9.7-Inch iPad with Apple Pencil Support” March 27, 2018). So a new iPad seems likely. Bloomberg, whose reporting is directed by the trusted Mark Gurman, points out to a new iPhone X-like iPad Pro with Face ID. We haven’t heard any complaints about the current line of iPad Pro, but bigger screens and Face ID would be welcome. (An updated iPad mini would be even more welcome to some, but we have little Hope for it.)
  • MacBook and / or MacBook Air: None of Apple’s older laptops had been updated since 2016 (see “Apple Updates 12-inch MacBook, Bumps MacBook Air RAM,” April 19, 2016), and even then the MacBook Air was completely out of date and the basic MacBook never really was up to date . Bloomberg suggests that Apple might want to replace the MacBook Air, something that will be appreciated by those who prefer smaller, lower-cost laptops.
  • Mac mini: The Mac mini has been stagnating for 4 years (see “Apple Brings iMac with Retina Display, Updates Mac mini,” October 16, 2014), and even then it wasn’t a big upgrade from the 2012 model. But the tiny Mac saw a sign of life last year when CEO Tim Cook mentioned it in an email message (see “Tim Cook Calls the Mac mini” Important, “October 23, 2017). Details are sparse, but Gurman claims the new Mac mini will focus on professionals, with new memory and processor options, likely at higher prices. Apple’s track record with the Mac mini has been so bad that we fear a new model might not find an attractive place on the price / performance curve.
  • iMac: We saw iMac updates last year (see “iMac Configuration Quirks 2017: Don’t Burn!” June 12, 2017) and the iMac Pro hit shelves at the end of the year (see “Apple Releases the iMac Pro”, June 15, 2017) ) December 2017) so we don’t expect much, if anything, related to iMac at the event. With faster processors, there can only be a quiet specification at most.
  • Mac Pro: The redesigned Mac Pro isn’t due until 2019, but it’s possible Apple will say something about it at the event (see “New Mac Pro Planned for 2019; Possibly Modular,” April 6, 2018).

What do you hope to see at the event, probably Apple’s last for several months? Let us know in the comments!

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