Amudim Brooklyn Occasion to deal with assist, not stigma, for habit

Amudim has hosted several very successful awareness raising events in Lakewood, Queens, the Five Cities, Springfield, New Jersey and West Hempstead over the past year and is planning a blockbuster night in Brooklyn to help erase the stigma associated with addiction.

The May 1st event in Ateres Chynka is presented by OHEL, Amudim, SAFE Foundation, Our Place, United Task Force, Flatbush Jewish Community Council and Relief Resources and presented by Amudim’s rabbinical advisor Harav Elya Brudy, Shlita. Dr. Akiva Perlman, LCSW, who has extensive experience dealing with addiction in the Frum community, will find support and assistance from addicts and their families, as well as Dr. Norman Blumenthal, the Zachter Family Chair for Trauma and Crisis Counseling at OHEL, will speak about identifying and reducing risk factors for addicts.

“Addiction does not discriminate,” said Rabbi Zvi Gluck, founder of Amudim. “It affects people in every city, municipality, and zip code. It can affect the family on the block, your son’s good friend who he has been with since third grade, or the man you sit next to at Daf Yomi every morning. The sooner we face the problem that we are not immune to this problem, and the sooner we remove the stigma of addiction, the sooner we can turn the tide of this war that we are waging. “

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