Adam Melonas Ditches plans to avoid wasting defunct pilot meals incubator crops in Brooklyn

Chef, who calls himself the “modern Willy Wonka”, is pulling out of the Brooklyn Pilotworks project

The guy who promised to revive Pilot work – The now defunct food incubator in Brooklyn, which abruptly removed nearly 200 local vendors from their production kitchens earlier this year – has withdrawn from the project. Adam Melonas, Founder of the Boston-based food research laboratory ChewIn an email to former Pilotworks members on Tuesday, December 18, Melonas wrote that he had “found some conditions” that do not match his company’s “extremely high” standards “. “We have made every effort to give this new company the best possible chance of success,” he writes. The news comes two weeks after Melonas, an entrepreneur who sees himself as the modern day Willy Wonka, announced they were taking over the room to create a new incubator called kindergarten.

More news from the food incubator room

Culinary advisor Hudson kitchen Opens 8,000 square foot commercial kitchen in New Jersey dedicated to food business owners and independent sellers. The space, located on 9 Basin Drive at Kearny in Kearny Point, an industrial courtyard that is being revitalized, will contain commercial kitchen appliances. individual preparation stations; Dry, cold and frozen storage; Co-workspaces with WiFi; and a test kitchen. It is expected to open in spring 2019.

The Flatiron Lounge sells their bar for $ 35,000

Fans of the soon-to-be-closed Flatiron lounge can take a piece of the place home with them – if they’re willing to spend $ 35,000. The influential cocktail lounge is selling its historic 27-foot bar on eBay, “in case someone can’t stand not being there!” Co-owner Kristina Kossi tells Eater. The Flatiron Lounge, which has existed since 2003, will close its doors on Saturday, December 22nd.

An opening, closing and coming attraction

The owners of the Lower East Side Chinatown Diner SaucerBowery Boogie reports they are back in 2017 with a new, fast-paced Greek spot next to their previous venue at 89 Canal St. The new shop is called Greek hut and serves hot sandwiches, pastries, and more. Over in the East Village, according to EV Grieve, a small sushi counter appears at 75 East Fourth St., a long-vacant retail space between Second Avenue and Bowery. And it’s the last week for Casa Neta, a Gramercy mezcal and tequila bar that opened in 2016 on 40 East 20th St. between Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue South. The Mexican Lounge closes on Saturday, December 22nd, blaming a rent increase for the closure.

Restaurant quiz for Tribeca experts

Tribeca Citizen has released a “Dead Restaurant” quiz that requires readers to guess the names of 12 establishments that are described on each blurb. All restaurants are located in Tribeca.

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