15-year-old stabbed to loss of life expenses pending in Brooklyn

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Adult charges pending after a Brooklyn teenager was fatally stabbed, police said Friday.

The fatal argument allegedly began over a parking lot in Bedford-Stuyvesant, reported Natalie Duddridge of CBS2.

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Decataur Street near Marcus Garvey Boulevard was a crime scene on Thursday afternoon.

Police said 15-year-old Tory Lovik got into some sort of argument over a parking lot with a 48-year-old man around 2:30 p.m. that afternoon.

The argument is said to have escalated and the teenager was stabbed in the chest. He was later pronounced dead in the hospital.

Local residents said they heard a scuffle. But when they got outside they said they saw the teenager passed out on the street.

EMS came but it was too late they said. They said that a short time later the teenager’s father drove over screaming, “Where is my son?”

“What I think about this is that the man is obviously childish,” one resident told Duddridge. “Because you’re even thinking of stabbing a 15 year old boy? About a parking lot, too. “

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Investigators said it appears the teen was with a group of people who prevented the suspect’s car from getting out of a spot. The police did not say whether it was on purpose or not.

“Ignorance is best, you just ignore people,” said Yovanni Lopez from Brooklyn to Duddridge.

Lopez said he tries to stay calm no matter how frustrated he is on the street.

“Carry on with your day, that’s it. Look, one is dead, the other is going to jail over a parking lot. It’s not worth it, ”said Lopez.

The latest crime statistics from the NYPD show that the number of assaults increased by 8% citywide compared to that time last year. The murders are up 13.5%.

“I think you just have more people coming out now. Probably a lot of frustration from being locked up for so long, ”said Spencer Webb of Brooklyn. “One thing just turns into another, just gushes out, emotions gush out.”

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The investigation is ongoing.

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